Facial Hair Tips

Beard and Mustache Care

General Beard Care: The first rule to starting a great beard is to find your happy place and let that face appendage grow wild. More than likely your beard will be pretty itchy at first but there are several ways to combat this. Beard oil with a great antiseptic essential oil such as Tea Tree, Peppermint, or a citrus will help with irritation and inflammation. These essential oils in combination with a good carrier oil such as Jojoba, Hemp Seed, Argan, Grapeseed, and Sweet Almond will get you off to the right start. Grapeseed is one of my favorites as it absorbs really quick. Step two in the process you will need a good comb. I like a hard bristle boars hair brush but basically any good military style brush will suffice. The toughest part of all of this is the patience. Don’t be discouraged your beard wont be. If you have a few patches or your hair grows weird. It is okay there is no such thing as a perfect beard and each one is awesome in its own way.

How to apply Beard Oil: When applying Beard Oil there are many methods that I have seen, tried, and talked about. For us we feel that the dropper top is the best and most efficient way to apply Beard Oil without spilling or waste. First off when applying the Beard Oil you will want to make sure you have a damp beard. This helps to spread it more evenly. Now take a few drops usually 6-10 will give you around a dime size in the palm of your hand. Massage the Beard Oil in your hands and work the Beard Oil in while massaging it to your skin underneath the hair. After working it around on the face and hair for a minute or so use a nice boar’s hair brush or comb and gently comb through. Now you are officially on your way to that “Beard of Destiny” you are working on. Repeat this process at least once a day.

How to apply Beard Conditioner: Our Beard Conditioner is somewhat similar to what people call a beard balm. We chose not to call it a balm because to us a balm is more for your lips and or hands. To apply the Beard Conditioner it is preferred to have a clean face. We like to add a small amount of our beard oil to our skin and hair as stated above. Then add a pea size of our Beard Conditioner to the palm of your hands and warm it up by rubbing it back and forth in your hands. Massage the conditioner in as you would the beard oil, comb and style as desired. We recommend combing gently as the Beard Conditioner is very thick. You can also use a hair dryer on the cool setting once you work the conditioner in to help with styling.

Beard Washing: I have heard some people will go weeks without washing their beard or hair but for most men this isn’t necessary and not a good means of hygiene. No one wants to smell like a sweaty nether region on their face. Not to mention the bacteria that will slowly make a nice nest egg under you magnificent bearded fluff. I recommend washing every three days but you will have to figure this out on your own. Everyone’s skin and hair respond differently to this. Also recommend using a Castile Soap. It is all natural and does a great job. Remember a clean beard is a happy beard.

Mustache Care: I recommend once you start to get a little length on your mustache to go ahead and start utilizing a nice tacky mustache wax to help train your hair to lay and grow outwards away from your lips. I also recommend heating the wax up with a hairdryer as this will get it easier to apply and work in the mustache. In the beginning it will be rough because you will not be used to the hair all in your mouth but just be patient and this will subside. As far as washing it you should treat your mustache like you would your beard. Be sure to moisturize the skin underneath with beard oil and keep that thing combed. If you are lucky and genetics are on your side you may start to resemble Tom Selleck or Rollie Fingers. Basically it is your hair and be proud of what you have and do not be afraid to experiment with all sorts of styles.