Skin Care Tips

Shaving Tips For Men No Ifs, Ands or Bumps

What does shaving properly entail?
Basically, there are four key steps to shaving properly:

1. Face Preparation:
A) Tweeze any ingrown hairs and apply Bump Patrol. Always tweeze in the direction of hair growth. For severe bumps, tweeze and apply Bump Patrol at least 12 hours before shaving.
B) Men should always moisten their face with warm water before shaving. A great time to shave is after a shower.

2. The Right Tools:
A) A man should never use soap when he shaves. It can dry out his skin. Instead he should always use one of Bump Patrols shaving gels. They are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of black skin.
B) It’s important to use a high quality razor. A multi-blade razor is best.

3. Directional Shaving:
This is the most important piece of advice a man can follow: Never shave against the grain. This causes razor bumps. A man can “map” his face with his fingers or a credit card to see the direction his hair grows (see Bump Patrol Directional Shaving Method chart. Located on web page under skin care) shows which strokes a man should typically use.

The same techniques should be used for shaving the head. However, please note that the hair on a man’s head tends to grow downward all over his head.

4. Apply Bump Patrol:
Men should use Bump patrol everywhere they shave, every time they shave. Bump Patrol should be applied to a dry face or head immediately after shaving. Simply smooth Bump Patrol on by hand, without rubbing it in. A favorite moisturizer or fragrance can be used afterward.

Shave every day or every other day. Going to long between shaves increases your changes for razor bumps.

NOTE: Bump Control is available for retail sale. See Loretta for your purchase.

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