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Shaving Tips for Women The Secrets of A Smooth Sensational Shave

Men have been using Bump Patrol for years to prevent and get rid of those nasty, red razor bumps. But now women are discovering that Bump Patrol products deliver the sexy, silky results they want when they shave their legs, underarms and bikini area. Follow the tips below for a close comfortable shave.

1. Choose the right razor: Pick a good multiblade razor with a changeable cartridge.

2. Use a Shaving Gel: Soap can dry your skin, while a gel or cream lets the razor glide over your skin, reducing drag and snags. Try Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel or Bump Patrol Shave Gel with Aloe.

3. Get Wet: Make shaving the last thing you do in the shower or the bath.

4. Shave the Right Way: First, moisten the hairs with water, followed by Bump Patrol Shaving Gel, and and then follow the Bump Patrol Directional Shaving Method for Women
( listed on website under skin care)

LEGS: Lather up and then shave downward in medium even stokes (illustration A). Rinse well and lightly go over stubble or missed areas. In order to get super smooth, you should also shave across your leg, from back to front (illustration B). Do this in two steps: first on the left side of the leg and then on the right. Finally, shave upward (illustration C). Doing it in this order-down, across, then up-will significantly reduce the possibility of razor bumps.

UNDER ARMS: Lather well and shave straight down.

BIKINI: Lather well and gently pull skin out to the right on the right thigh. Stroke straight down toward your knee to avoid shaving in crease (IllustrationD). Rinse well and check for smoothness. To get an even closer shave, rewet with water and a light application of gel, and shave in a sideways direction toward the back of your thigh (Illustration E). Repeat on left side.

We recommend shaving 3 times weekly to avoid stubble and irritation. You’ll get a better, smoother result in less time.

5. Use an Aftershave: Use Bump Patrol Original Aftershave or Bump Patrol Sensitive Aftershave. The sensitive formula has moisturizers to minimize razor burn, and with its no-alcohol formula, it won’t dry your skin. Apply with your hand. Don’t run it all the way in or rinse it off. Let it air dry. You can apply any additional moisturizers or fragrance.

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