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Information On Bump Patrol Aftershave

What are razor bumps?
It’s a condition called pseudofolliculitis barbae, which are inflamed hair follicles, or razor bumps, caused by shaving irritation. Irritation caused inflammation. Inflammation causes the hair pore to close and a bump to form. When the pore is closed, hair becomes trapped and is grown with no means to escape. They can be painful and embarrassing.
Shaving over bumps is painful and causes further irritation to the area. The cycle continues, until a man’s shaving regimen improves.

How can men avoid getting razor bumps?
By simply shaving properly and using Bump Patrol Razor Bump Aftershave Treatment everywhere they shave, every time they shave.

Why Bump Patrol Aftershave Razor Bump Treatments does works and is #1?
All Bump Patrol Aftershave Razor Bump Treatment contain several key ingredients to heal and prevent razor bumps

Soothing Agents
Help reduce inflammatory response associated with shaving

Reduce bacteria, prevent infection

Hydrate and soften skin

Help to combine ingredients for overall smooth appearance

What are the benefits of Bump Patrol Aftershave Razor Bump Treatments?
Heal and prevent razor bumps
Prevent infection
Stop irritation
Dermatologist recommended
Visible results in 48 hours
Can be used with clippers, electric razors, and straight edge razors

NOTE: Bump Control is available for retail sale. See Loretta for your purchase.

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